ShapeSmart™ NP4 tool grinder

CNC precision cylindrical tool grinder overview:

Precision and efficiency in one package - The ShapeSmart™™ NP5, NEW from Rollomatic. The ShapeSmart™™ NP5 tool grinder is the next generation of the 148P4 - a 4-axis CNC Precision Cylindrical Pinch/Peel Grinding Machine with a 2-axis automatic loading/unloading system.

Designed for high performance traverse O.D. form grinding of cutting tool blanks such as drills, form tools, reamers, endmills, burs, as well as precision punches, micro and core pins, mold components, this machine combines rough and finish grinding in one pass to maximize productivity and minimize scrap.

The ShapeSmart™™ NP5 is the world's only patented pinch/peel grinding machine for grinding complex and simple profiles in one setup. As the blank exits the V-block, both the roughing and finishing grinding wheel engage the blank into grinding from opposite sides, ensuring total stability and repeatability.
Combining through-feed pinch grinding and multi-pass peel grinding for higher productivity, the ShapeSmart™ produces an incredible mirror finish on each tool ground. Ideal in the industrial, moldmaking, medical, electronic, semi-conductor, dental and woodworking industries.

  • Rollomatic ShapeSmart CNC NP4 tool grinder
  • Cylindrical tool grinder with 2-axis automatic loading and unloading system.
  • ShapeSmart NP4 CNC Precision Cylindrical Pinch/Peel Grinding Machine
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Philippe Uebelhart, Managing Director

Philippe Uebelhart
Managing Director

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Jean-Charles Marty
Director Application and Projects

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Eric Schwarzenbach
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